Historical buildings


Giorgini Square (the foutain roundabout) and the Lighthouse

Giorgini roundabout and the Lighthouse, the two most famous symbols of San Benedetto.


Palazzina Azzurra

Tourist hall, sports center, dancing and disco club in the past, it is today an active cultural meeting point...


Piacentini Palace

Piacentini Palace was the home of our dear and beloved dialect poet, Bice Piacentini.


The Gualtieri Tower

It rises in the old part of the city, the "Castle", and it represents the landmark of the city.


The Guelf Tower

Located in Porto d'Ascoli, it is all that remains of an ancient fortress consisting in two big towers, seven dongeons with seventy merlons.


The municipal Theatre "Concordia"

The municipal Theatre "Concordia" has been reopened after restoration on April 30th, 2008.