Work by Annibali in piazza Matteotti
Work by Annibali in piazza Matteotti

The sculpture, installed in the renovated Giacomo Matteotti Square, 4 meters in height and 2 in diameter, is made of clay molded by the same artist and cast in bronze. The sculpture, an old, huge tree on whose bark 30 heads are mounted, is lit from inside and wants to give substance to the hope that each of us carries in for a better life, for the salvation that embraces nature and the earth.

Life is hard: you are full of expectations, plans, but eventually you flex, we buckle under the weight of disappointment, difficulty, pain. It seems that only the darkness of despair, the darkness of death is left. And it is precisely in the emptiness that everything starts again.

It is the symbol of the old tree dying, inclined, now unstable, which could drag the destiny of us all with it but still, stubbornly, offers shelter to all living beings: men, animals, insects find a shelter in it. At nightfall, all providentially fall asleep and, in unison, they begin to dream of the rebirth of life, of the old trunk, of all nature.

Thus, in dreams, new hopes come to life and the cycle of the earth magically resumed its journey.