The Prince

Consorti's artwork, the "Prince"
Consorti's artwork, the "Prince"
The sculpture, made of multi-coloured mosaic and a bronze fusion, is entitled "The Prince". In fact the figure of the Prince dominates the whole structure of the fountain, coming out of the space with its dynamic attitude. It represents a big child copying with a snake. These two figures are touching only in one point, exactly where the child presses his foot on the head of the animal.
Many references and interpretations are possible, but at first sight the conveyed idea, also corresponding to a well defined intention expressed by the artist, is that innocence and purity are exalted, with reference to childhood, compared to what is obscure and indefinite represented by the snake. The title of the work "Prince" (which is has no aristocratic meaning) is nothing but a way to sublimate, verbally as well, this intention.
However even for those who do not search for symbolic meanings the work offers a nice show linked to the pleasure of sight. The artist, like in other work of his, has been enhancing shapes and colours: the mosaic into the basin and the skin of the snake are rendered in rich and precious way and the bronze dark patina of the child's figure, by means of the special treatment of its surface, results in a brilliant green colour.
Another element characterizing the aesthetic dimension of this work is the dynamism of the statue and its allusion to the lightness of playing, a further and at the same time complementary reading key of Consorti's artwork.