The sea, the return

"il mare, il ritorno", opera situata sulla banchina portuale "Malfizia", in onore di tutti coloro che hanno perso la vita in mare
"Il mare, il ritorno"
The complex of sculptures entitled "The sea, the return" is located on the "Malizia" harbour quay, in front of the retail fish market. The work by the artist Paolo Annibali from San Benedetto del Tronto won the competition advertised by Circolo Sambenedettesi with the support of the City Hall to create a place to recollect and pay homage to all those who lost their life at sea. 
More than a monument, the work by Annibali is the unanimous representation of the city history, a great fresco of the local culture depicting the hopes, anxiety, expectations that a lot of people supporting themselves and their families working at sea underwent (and sometimes are still undergoing).
The statues represent various moments of the sailors' difficult life, of their eternal balance between their necessity to go to sea and their nostalgia for home and family. The Municipality has been supporting the idea by Sambenedettesi City Club being confident that the work by Annibali is a precious means to preserve the identity of the City.