History and tradition



During the centuries S.Benedetto del Tronto has become one of the most outstanding fishing and tourist ports at national level.


Our Lady of the Sea Feast

Our Lady of the Sea could be considered co-Patron Saint of the city


The Brodetto fishsoup

The Brodetto has existed since when fishermen exist.

 This popular seafood dish has been the main meal, if not the one, to fishermen for centuries.


The history

Few documents, concerning the Holy Martyr Benedetto, arrived up to our days.


The new sea-front

In July 2007 was finished the renovation of the first part of San Benedetto's sea-front (from the Porto d'Ascoli Rotunda to the end of the pedestrian access).


The Patron Saint's day

It's on October 13th, the day when a soldier from a Roman garrison, named Benedetto, was executed because he had refused to abjure his Christian faith.


The Seafront Avenue

All citizens of San Benedetto took part in the inauguration of the sea-front, at the end of July 1932. 


Traditions and folklore

Customs and traditions were linked both the natural rhythm of the seasons and to the holidays of the pagan and religious calendar.