Children of the war

L'opera del maestro Ugo Nespolo, posta su di una parete del Palazzo comunale
"I bambini della guerra"
In Bambini del Mondo (Children of the world) square, facing the City Hall, indeed on a wall of the Municipal Hall, a sculpture by Ugo Nespolo entitled "Children of the war" attracts one's attention. It is a big bronze disk of 3 m. diameter representing, with a multicolour bas-relief, the Turinese master's unmistakable style, a little boy and girl with a sunshine at their back.
The work reproduces a silver medal created by Ugo Nespolo for Luciano Pavarotti and his musical event "Pavarotti & friends" that takes place every year in Modena. The proceeds were destined to "War Child", the international association defending, supporting and helping the weakest and most defenceless victims caused by all wars in the world: the children. That year, in 1999, the funds were destined to the children from Guatemala.